Tao Te Ching Project – now with more Awesome!

shelf life closecropI am delighted to announce a partnership with Shelf Life Books and my Tao of V project. They will be offering you bookclub discounts on copies of Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching, as well as a place for you Calgary readers to gather for events to discuss the latest chapters posted on here.

I am super jazzed to be bringing my online community together with the local literary scene here in Calgary. What I love about this website is the capacity for people to comment and talk not just to me but to each other. I’m hoping that with a copy of the book in your hand as well as what I post in my commentary we can get a really lively conversation going online about what the ideas in each chapter mean to us; as well as some fun gatherings in meatspace while we laugh and share our real world struggles with trying to be more in the Tao. I personally thought I’d let go of a lot of obsessive tendencies and WAS living in the Tao… until I got a new cell phone and lost a whole weekend to making everything perfect¬†…sigh, I still have some work to do too.

Tao Te Ching by Stephen MitchellComment below if you’d like to pick up a book - they’ve got a bunch on order already, I just want to make sure it’s enough.¬†Swing by Self Life sometime next week 1302 4ST SW and tell them you’re part of my Tao Te Ching project. When everybody’s got their copy, I’ll give you a Ready, Set, GO and you can start from the beginning, reading and commenting on each post. I’ll follow along with your conversation as well as adding another post every week or so until we’ve done all 81 chapters. Every few months we’ll gather and chat at the very excellent Shelf Life Books.

Building community in multiple dimensions. How cool is that? Lao Tzu would be amused.

Feeling Suicidal?

Suffering is character building, I talked about that a lot in the Storm Chasers post, we grow as human beings with what we are forced to go through. But sometimes the suffering, whatever the source, is too much to bear. Too much to live through, quite frankly. If you are pushing at the boundaries of what you can bear (or left that line behind long ago) I have three very important things to tell you, so listen up… Continue reading

Creativity as Dreaming – wisdom on needing, and a rant about dating

Have you ever not known how badly you needed something, until you finally got it? I had that kind of weekend, a lot of gratitude tears were shed. I’ve always been a make-do sort of girl, ’cause life doesn’t always throw you what you want. It took me a long time to make friends with my needs. I had a mentor, used to always say to me: how’s your neediness today? When I stopped getting angry when she asked that I knew I was finally okay with the part of me that knew I couldn’t do it alone.

Funny thing owning up to your needs, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll automatically get them met. So THAT pissed me off for a while. Continue reading