100 days of …creativity

…’cause yeah, I don’t have enough going on. But this will be good for me. I’m a big fan of 100 day projects, mostly from some half-remembered science that shows that is how long it takes to re-map your neurons, to really make a change stick.

When I started a 100 day project online a few years ago, I got lots of engagement, not just people excited about what I was doing, but inspired to take on a 100 day challenge of their own. Bryan McLean was one of those, and because he’s more bad-ass than I am, he has been doing 100 day projects every spring ever since. He’s spooling up to do another one here shortly, and chatting with him about it reminded me it was maybe time for one myself. And maybe you’d like to join in too… Continue reading

ToV 25 – perfectly imperfect

There was something formless and perfect
before the universe was born.

…since then it’s all kinda gone to shit.

I’ve had a hard time addressing this chapter, in part because it’s been a couple of stupid-busy and disrupting weeks for me, but probably moreso because I have been feeling less than perfect in myself and my life as of late.

I tend to run a cycle from competency in one area of my life into boredom, which prompts me to hurl myself into some new area, overwhelmed and insecure I flounder my way back into competency …then boredom …then down into humility and round we go again. Somehow as of late I have managed to sync up all the different parts of who I am into a down swing in every facet of my life. Painfully aware of nothing but my flaws. So yeah, not really jiving on the “perfection” of this chapter.

I think the lesson though, is it’s in the flaws where the magic happens. Imagine a world where everything WAS perfect: Continue reading

The Erotica Files

If you were wondering, I did not spontaneously combust in awkward embarrassment last night. In part because the show ran really late, and reading last, I was tired beyond even registering what I was reading. That and the fact I had edited and practiced reading so much beforehand it had all become an academic exercise and my brain barely registered it as erotica. What’s that Green Day song?… “when masturbation’s lost its thrill, you’re fucking low.” Yeah that.

Unfortunately, reading last and reading late, I never really got a chance to mingle afterwards in that room full of brilliant, bizarre, and brave people to talk about what I’ve been working on, and would like to be working on. So I’m gonna lay it out here, and get the conversation started online.
Continue reading

See Valerie Blush

So, this should be entertaining for ya’ll – one way or another….

I’ve agreed to read – out loud… in public – an erotic short story I wrote. It’ll be part of some big hullaballo with lots of other artists and performers (most of whom probably like doing public readings) so should be a great night of culture and entertainment and all that. If that doesn’t draw you, coming out just to laugh at me while I turn 50 Shades of Pink should be worth the trip down.

It’s a free event, but I think they will be passing the hat to accept donations. I’m not sure if you guys throwing money on stage while I read would make it better or worse, but hey starving artists gotta take what they can.

So come down for a kick-ass night of art and music and poetry and prose. Continue reading