Celebrating My Failure!!!

Right, so while I was there to watch my friend’s desperate (and successful) eleventh hour crunch to get his 50,000 words in before the midnight deadline–fuelled and inspired by truly awful ninja movies (I think perhaps other people’s bizarre and reckless storywriting gives you permission let go on your own giant brain dump) I was surprisingly happy with my own abysmal failure in the matter.

I didn’t even come close to the 50k mark, but hey! I doubled my wordcount from the five thousand I started with. Considering that first bit took me two years, and doubling it took me under two weeks I have gained a better understand of my capacity and what a bit of push and focus can do.

However, what I’m really happy about are all the things I learned about myself while I was not even remotely succeeding Continue reading

Where’s Valerie?

In answer to that inevitable online question for the month of November: WRITING!!!

More specifically,  picking up the gauntlet thrown down by a friend in the NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month = write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days). I’ll be using this time to FINALLY finish the MUCH ANTICIPATED (by me as much as anyone) Love of the Living Dead serial cum novella cum novel Continue reading

A Solitude That Leaves You Less Lonely

The worst is over now, I think. It’s been a rough summer (for many of you out there too!). A rainstorm washed out my living room, left me uprooted and homeless for a couple months while it got cleaned up and put back together again. It’s funny, before this disaster I was getting restless, felt the need for a shift, contemplated moving. This house and this life is the longest I’d been in one place since childhood.

Well careful what you wish for, moved I was. And though I’m back in my home, it feels different, I’m different. Like a house plant, root bound and quasi-dormant, I think I needed shaking up at bit so roots could grow in a new direction. God I hate being uprooted, Continue reading

The Art of Doing Nothing

Whether you’re injured, burned out, recovering from disaster or heartbreak or illness, convalescing is Booooooring. Doing nothing is not something we are used to doing. But doing nothing is an important part of getting back on your feet. It is innate in us to try and FIX the problem, take the ACTION that resolves the issue, just do SOMETHING for crying out loud. Yes, you need to do something, you need to REST! Passive as it is, it is an important activity.

So for you (and to remind me) I am going to introduce some of the myriad ways you too can practice the fine art of doing nothing: Continue reading

Busy v Happy – a graph

I always think I’ll write when I’m on holidays, but don’t. I’m discovering vacation is just a different kind of busy and am finally learning to give up on all prospects of being productive.

Upon returning, I somehow got it into my head I MUST DO ALL THE THINGS I had not done in the last six months. It only took me about five days to realize how utterly stupid this was. Unfortunately it’ll take me a few weeks yet to wrap up ALL THE THINGS I ALREADY COMMITTED TO in my period of folly.

End result: there hasn’t been much but virtual tumbleweeds drifting through this website in a coon’s age. Too busy to really write (though many ideas rolling in my head), I should at least try and justify my neglect a tad bit.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words (and otherwise this post is only worth 150) so here ya go!

graph of Busy v Happy

Click on image for enlarged view, and here’s your link to stress vs profanity