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So, this should be entertaining for ya’ll – one way or another….

I’ve agreed to read – out loud… in public – an erotic short story I wrote. It’ll be part of some big hullaballo with lots of other artists and performers (most of whom probably like doing public readings) so should be a great night of culture and entertainment and all that. If that doesn’t draw you, coming out just to laugh at me while I turn 50 Shades of Pink should be worth the trip down.

It’s a free event, but I think they will be passing the hat to accept donations. I’m not sure if you guys throwing money on stage while I read would make it better or worse, but hey starving artists gotta take what they can.

So come down for a kick-ass night of art and music and poetry and prose.

Woolf’s Voices
Wednesday February 26th 7-9pm
Motion Gallery in Eau Claire Market
127, 200 Barclay Parade SW


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