Sohbet – work-life challenge

I’m feeling the need for something a little goofy, so here’s the challenge to you all:

Add a poem about your work life – a haiku on office politics, an ode to early morning commuting, a limerick about your boss… Feel free to use a pseudonym if you like (your email address has to be valid, but is not displayed).

So, join in, use your right brain, have a bit of a laugh and decompress. Here’s the starting poem, reflective of my current HTML learning life:

*  *  *

What’s in a web page, more than you thought
XHTML, CSS, PHP and the lot
Syntax and standards, there’s so much to know
Code is the headlights, you are the doe

Relax, this isn’t Mercy, Trauma, ER
No one will die if your stuff’s not on par
So try a few things, see what you get
The folks at W3 will validate it
Tell you what’s right, tell you what’s wrong
Fixing and tweaking, you’re now going strong

a tag, href, insert image here
It starts to unravel, the code becomes clear
A language you speak, if haltingly slow
And whatever you don’t, Google will know

6 thoughts on “Sohbet – work-life challenge

  1. sp, spiderman, spider, spot, spoon
    jump, reach, hop, climb
    st, stop, star, stomp, stegosaurus
    finger up, finger down, finger opposition
    sm, smack, smarties, smoothies, s’mores
    ab crunch, plank, squat, toe touch
    sn, snow, snap, snore, sneeze
    cut, draw, glue, staple, trace

    Speech and Language, fine motor skills and
    Not only for the little, but for me too
    fun and games
    finding play in work,
    my childhood revisited
    to enrich and enliven

    -Hokey Pokey


  2. buckets of delicate blooms
    in tangles
    flower dreams
    shatter and fragment

    the generosity of these fragile flowers
    carried me somewhere else
    they whispered their secrets
    our secrets that can’t be explained

    now the time has changed
    i surrender to a new direction
    amazed and thankful
    for what was given


  3. We’re told we have to restructure
    To get our “poop in a group”
    But staff aren’t fooled for a minute
    We’re jumping a new kind of hoop

    They tell us it will save money
    At least when all’s said and done
    With backroom deals and payouts
    That won’t see the light of the sun

    They tell us that we needn’t worry
    Go home get a good night of sleep
    But I fear I’ll need something stronger
    Than the counting of fluffy white sheep.


    1. great poem! below are mischief making bats inspired to write a silly poem in response

      ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^ ^@@^

      ode to the wage earner

      d’oh d’oh d’oh d’oh
      it’s off to work i go
      keeping my cool head
      when i knead the bread
      hi ho hi ho oh oh oh

      dough dough dough dough
      there’s more to life i know
      gonna take this race
      at a turtles pace
      hi ho hi ho oh oh oh



  4. There once was a child name Willamie
    who went about her work quite sillily
    she came on quite intense
    it didn’t make any sense
    and that’s why I avoid her stupidity


  5. pwd
    The tap of a conductor’s wand.
    Survey the orchestra
    ls -l
    Look again
    ls -la
    Look closer, someone’s hiding in the back.
    cat foo | grep bar
    ps -ef | grep httpd
    httpd restart
    df -h
    The music is monotonous yet soothing, if a little discordant until the time we all
    cd ~


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