introverts and unilateral conversations

If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear, does it still make a sound? Perhaps not, but it’s likely really upset a few squirrels.

silent-forestIf I make a post on this web site and no one comments, have I still started a conversation? I was watching a lecture on the blogging community this week and was surprised to find out most bloggers are introverts (I have no idea why this surprised me, but it did). See, now I’ve been to parties almost fully comprised of introverts; there’s a lot of listeners and the bulk of the conversation is carried by the few more outgoing of the group.

What I’m doing on this web site fits in with the context of the blogging community and I know I’ve got a lot of listeners (I may not know who you are, but my stats program shows all your clicks and views, my little pretties…), but not so much on the talking front – why this would surprise me is a bit of a surprise too. Here’s the thing, I’m not really interested in what I’ve got to say, I already know what’s going on in my brain. What I’m curious about is what’s sparking in your brains when I post something.

So here’s a little loving nudge, inviting and encouraging you listeners to share your thoughts. I’m sure you’ve got some interesting things to say, being an introvert also means you’ve given yourself a lot of time to think so I know there’s some wonderful stuff cooking in those minds of yours.

And in other news, being as my posts are sporadic but regular (alternating either a poem or article about once a week, shifting to every 10 days-ish as we move into busy holiday season) people have appreciated a mail out from me letting them know when new content is up. So if you’d like to be included on the email, let me know.

Otherwise, come join the conversation – it’s more fun with you.

5 thoughts on “introverts and unilateral conversations

    1. Nice!

      And cheers for spontaneous poetry! Reminds me of something I wrote a while back I’ll add as poetic reply:

      so much to talk about
      conversation running it’s course
      meandering through so many topics
      the serious, the silly, the sublime
      each moment so full
      there’s no time for kissing


  1. It’s not a conversation
    if everybody listens.
    It’s not a conversation
    if everybody talks.

    Hold your horses Valerie
    no need to throw rocks.

    Dear Valerie,
    I do think you are starting conversations. Maybe not in the conventional sense of you saying something and we replying immediately but your posts and those of others that do choose to post may very well enlighten and influence those of us, your pretties, who haven’t posted. These conversations may not take short time periods. These conversations may not flow in small circles.

    How many mouths does each of us have?

    How many ears does each of us have?

    I have heard that the perfect conversation is had with three people. There may always be more listeners than speakers.

    But since you have nudged, invited, and encouraged us with love to share our thoughts, here goes.

    Yes, if a tree falls in a forest it does make a sound; a noise even too. I do believe the perceptions of the squirrels are valid and worthy of inclusion as much as anyone else’s. Thank you.


    1. Well, I’m sure the squirrels are pleased you’ve validated their feelings

      I love the idea of conversations not flowing in small circles…very apt. One of the interesting things about this web site is conversations don’t happen in the moment, they can happen over weeks, possibly months, and include other conversations I may never be aware of. Very large circles indeed. Kinda cool to think about. Thanks for presenting that perspective.


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