Sohbet – Wordless

Sometimes I come across a scene, or moment, and think: that’s a poem. Sometimes though, it feels like there are too many words, or not enough words to express the moment and the moment passes, wordless. Sometimes I’m very lucky and have my camera with me and have the chance to capture the wordless image, a chance to share and express what I see without having to utter a word.

So we’re going to try something different here. I’m posting an image to start a sohbet. I’d like to see what words it evokes in you all. Does it inspire a poem? Is there even a single word you would use to capture what you see? Perhaps together we can create a poem for the wordless, or stimulate a number of poems between us. There is something in particual about this image that captures me, but I don’t want to prejudice the flow so I’ll wait a bit before I pipe in. Who know’s, maybe we’ll all just stare, wordless…


6 thoughts on “Sohbet – Wordless

  1. I see the light
    I see it bright
    On a cold Winter day
    it brightens my way
    On a white horizon
    It makes me go on
    On a cold Winter day
    It takes me away
    to a more celestial state
    And this is my fate……


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