now hip with the twits

Lookie me! got myself a twitter account! A place to write down all those things that make me say: “Oh, I should write that down.” A less substantial, but more frequent, augment to this web site. Something for quick little ‘isms between posts.

Yep, I’m now hip with the twits…er, tweets. Maybe someday I’ll even get a microwave…or a cell phone. Heck, that’s just crazy talk. But, if you’ve got a cell phone, or an internet connection, you can check me out at:

So, tweet me baby! Yep, I’m just that cool.

5 thoughts on “now hip with the twits

  1. Got a tweet notification today, it’s my twitter Birthday! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Can’t believe where twitter has taken me! I started it up on a hunch, thinking it was a good place to put all those juicy little phrases and thoughts that pop up in conversation with those brilliant (and weird!) people so treasured in my life.

    Possibly sterile, but pretty in the meantime. – referring to a sprouted mango pit.
    Sometimes I find it convenient to be a hard core lesbian. – advice on unwanted attention from men.
    Christmas is gonna come whether the God-damn stuff is ready or not. – my Mom, always good with the perspective.

    Turns out twitter is full of juicy (and weird!) minds! And lots of them in Calgary! Been astoundingly blessed to connect with a huge community (or community of communities) of inspiring people, businesses, geeks, artists, politicos that have got me learning, laughing, and taking on new things.

    Who’da thunk it? People often say twitter’s really shallow, what can you accompish in 140 characters? Well, it’s enough to connect minds, and bring people together in real time – and in real places, and connecting that with the whole world. That’s a lot, in just a few keystrokes.


    1. Gonna give you all some links to twitter peeps and twitter driven stuff I love. Check ’em out!

      @lonnietaylor My very first real-life twitter friend, amazing good sport, willing to try just about anything. Following his tweets opened my eyes to all kinds of cool stuff in Calgary.
      @ajproc runs @ArtWalkWithART, knows a million cool things in Calgary and connected me to cool places like…
      @endeavorarts a tech and innovation inspired art gallery with super cool ideas and super cool art (and super nice people)
      I also disovered Pecha Kucha nights through Calgary Arts Development. The twitter equivalent of a lecture series in short, snappy, inspiring presentations. Through them, I learned about @protospace a “hacker community” of geeks, tinkerers, and tech infused arts and culture keeners (at last! a chance to rekindle my love of all things nerdy…somehow lost when Puberty Ruined Everything).
      And @gotofirewater a great little restaurant downtown. A great place for “tweetups” a gathering place for many of my twitter friends; and the first time an establishment has felt like a second home since they turned my favourite pool hall into a Hooters *sob!*

      A million other inspiring and amazing people, all only a tweet away. Check out my twitter feed, see who I’m talking to and retweeting. Chances are they are funny, smart, beautiful souled people with something going on you might just dig too.

      (And you bloody well better click on some of the links above! I worked really hard writing all those HTML href’s from scratch – no button pushing link making in the comment field here… and no spell checker either. My deepest sympathies to you who post in here all the time. Sheesh.)


  2. You especially impress me Valerie. You’re not afraid to get involved in things outside of your comfort zone. It’s about the experience, not the perception. It’s about the activity, not who’s doing it. Doing things out of your realm is a part of who you are. I encourage it. You amaze me everyday. Keep pushing the boundaries of socialization. Connect with people. Make it a part of what you already know to be yourself.

    You are a connector of people. That is a fantastic life skill. It will enrich your life like most others won’t understand, but will feel it. Run with it. You’ll enjoy the results.


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