2 thoughts on “Sohbet – Supper Table

  1. Breakfast table one morning in Eastern France
    Enjoying Cafe au Lait and croissants au chocolat
    All of us happy to be reunited at last
    I love the sound of family bruhaha
    Memories rushing through my mind of a not so distant past
    When all of a sudden all bodies present enter a trance
    rushing all at once to the closest window
    What can possibly create such havoc in my family peace
    Is it the sight of a giant sparrow
    or was I followed by a Canadian geese
    Would be funny if one happened to be flying by
    But no only the sound of a moped noisily passing by
    because you never know when your house is being spied on
    And one by one they all return to their seat
    sipping on cafe au lait with a slight feeling of deceat
    washing it down with a bite of a croissant au chocolat
    I just miss the sound of my family bruhaha….


  2. Snack at play group

    toddlers and moms
    sitting on a tablecloth
    draped on the floor
    picnic time!

    One mom takes out
    fruit leather and juice
    another unpacks
    oaties and raisins
    mom # 3 spreads
    cheese on crackers

    but child number one
    thinks snack number three
    looks yummier and
    scoots over with wide eyes
    and open hands
    child number two
    stares at snack number one
    smacking lips
    child number three craves
    snack number 2
    with open lips

    It’s the grass is greener…
    in action
    spontaneous sharing
    quiet smiling faces
    munching mouths
    resigned sighs from moms


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