Don’t Let Reality Ruin Your Day

Three things have been central in my brain this week:

First, reading James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces. A book about addiction and recovery and so far mostly him ranting about how much he doesn’t like The Twelve Steps. I figure anything that gets you thinking about being in the moment (taking one day at a time) and recognizing maybe you aren’t in control of everything can’t be half bad. Secondly, conversation around the article I posted last week about perception and saying thank you for everything that comes your way (not just the stuff you think you want). Thirdly, the fact I’m having a really shitty week, so that whole saying thank you crap is a bit of a challenge.

Recognizing my “addiction” is arguing with reality, in the spirit of rehab, here’s my “Just for Today” affirmation:

– – –

Just for today I will not argue with reality. Just for today I will not make myself miserable telling myself things should be anything other than what they are. Just for today I won’t waste my energy wonder why this is happening or why I can’t have something else. Just for today I will let it go and ride it out.

Just for today I will use “Fuck, whatever” as a chant of acceptance, not a cry of resignation. Just for today I will see the humour of me trying to fight the tide of whatever is happening – like trying to stop a glacier with a hairdryer – the absurdity of my efforts to control and change whatever is.

Just for today I will maybe not see the beauty in every moment; but I will let every moment be whatever moment it is, and let it slide by without resistance like fingers dipped in a stream.

Just for today I will say Yes to everything. I will not waste my energy resisting and arguing with my experience. Whatever happens happens. Just for today, I will not ask “Why me?” or “Why not?” Just for today I won’t waste my mind on should’s and shouldn’t’s. Just for today I will say: “Bring it on!” and “I can handle that.”

Just for today I will let go of the idea I’m in control and will just relax and ride the wave that drives me instead of trying to push the water around. Just for today I will let go of the idea I know how things should be and think it’s everything else that is wrong. Just for today I will accept the only problem I have is the idea something is a problem.

Just for today I will let it all go, stop churning over the past or fearing for my future. Just for today I will be in the moment. This moment. Whatever this moment holds. Say yes to it, and then let it slide by.

Just for today I will stop arguing with reality and let myself have some peace.

…or not. Fuck, whatever.

– – –

Hey, it actually works. Funny that. I think I’m gonna have to print that out and post it somewhere.

And in a delicious turn of irony, I’m just now realizing I’m typing this while drinking my tea out of a mug that says: “DON’T LET REALITY RUIN YOUR DAY” I think I’ve got my headline!

For more on letting go and riding it out, especially in stormy times, check out Holding On, Letting Go (people’s comments on this one were stellar!)

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Reality Ruin Your Day

  1. Ms. Valerie – another amazing post! I am self-confessed control freak who can live in the moment… when I have control over the moment. Letting go and just letting it flow, high up on my list of life-goals. This post is also going on my wall.

    And, I think you must be reading my mind because the subject matter and timing of your posts has been amazing.


  2. Valerie, I really liked that post. It rings true with me right now and it’s something I need to remember. Just for today …. Living in the moment, but not being a passive participant in life. This got me thinking that when we can actually live in that moment, not worrying or resisting or working so hard to control things around us so we have some sense of certainty (which never really is a certainty at all), maybe then we can truly live.


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