Sohbet – We Are All Seekers

~  ~  ~

We are all seekers
This motley band
Our trail is full of rocks and roots
Unexpected turns
And long stretches through darkness

I cannot say these journeys lead
To happy endings
But something draws us
From the crowded passage
Of well paved pathways

~  ~  ~

2 thoughts on “Sohbet – We Are All Seekers

  1. ~ ~ ~

    only the tussle calls
    of starling bright songs
    or jackdaw trills
    seeping from the under brush
    each tangled toe
    each foot pulse
    seeking the swelling earth
    and pressing into
    all its forbidden life

    ~ ~ ~


  2. My Tired Feet Are Happy

    dusty from travel
    on paths that wind and crisscross
    along the landscape
    up through mountain passes
    wading through cold clear streams
    traversing rocky ledges
    enveloped by soft green mosses
    toes wriggling through earthy mud
    My feet have tasted nature’s bounty
    and revel in it’s sorrow and beauty
    My feet are grounded in the past
    travel in the present and point me to the future
    My tired feet are happy


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