4 thoughts on “Sohbet – a different life

  1. a different life
    no longer eager to please
    for pleasing sake.
    no longer the good girl
    shy and demure.
    no longer angry at life
    as I stuff everything down my throat
    and swallow bitterness
    a different life
    just myself now
    and accepting what is


  2. knuckle biting classroom sobs
    whose pain scores highest
    smashed in computer screen
    shared dream uniquely betrayed

    let it all go
    eyes fist tight
    ten years in a single bed
    nine years talking with people
    who know my kind go to hell
    I live with everyone
    l live alone
    growing or wasting


  3. I remember a different life.
    My first life
    I was self-assured
    and quite inured
    to the pleasing of others.
    The second life
    destroyed the first
    but then gave birth
    to renewal and
    which brought about
    the pleasing of others
    and a phoenix anew.

    Always cyclic.
    Never repeating.
    Always learning
    and growing and
    Eternally hoping
    the next quantum
    is the smallest of jumps
    that leads
    to the biggest of steps.
    Eternal failure
    which leads to hope
    that leads to scars.


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