Sohbet – Dance Already!

Dance Already!

I see you standing there
knee bobbing
fingers twitching
to imaginary guitar riffs

your body wants to move

Dance Already!

I see the dichotomy in you
like a timid puppy
eager to play
but uncertain in strange territory

Dance Already!

have you seen this crowd?
a guy in a dress
a couple wearing nothing
but g-strings and body paint

no one would even notice
if you just let go
and joined in with the
bodies all around you

okay, I’d notice
but that’s just because
I see you standing there
knee bobbing
fingers twitching
and I want to shout

Dance Already!

5 thoughts on “Sohbet – Dance Already!

  1. Why I Dance

    I want to slide and slither
    like the blowing snow
    feathering it’s way
    across the blacktop

    I want to fall and twirl
    like the golden leaves
    dropping and spinning
    to the waiting earth

    I want to soar and fly
    like the trickster raven
    flying upside down and
    bomb-diving to suddenly wing upwards

    I want to cut the curl
    like the dolphin
    gliding and flipping
    through the turquoise world

    I want to laugh and giggle
    like a child
    rolling down a hillside
    making her world dizzy with joy


  2. pssst Val – what about the hula hooping? the wings and tutus and sarongs and magic wands? the embracing reunions? the bare green feet and the birkenstocks? the begging MC?

    Donna, I thought your poem might end with “but….” I’m glad it didn’t.

    ;-) xo


        1. Thanks Valerie for the reminder that there is more than one kind of but(t). Hooray for shaking booties! I had my last belly dancing class for the term last night and it was great. Lots of shimmies and shakes. We even did some veil work. Potentially sexy but with beginners doing it a little awkward. There is a veil move that we have to do three quick turns with the last one ending with the dancers coyly looking over their shoulders. The veils are the size of very large table cloths and I managed to trip over the ends a few times and also have the veil land on my face when I was supposed to flip it up into my arms. Not sexy at all, but good for a laugh. I can, however, do a mean butterfly dip after a veil spin.

          I love most of the dance steps but there is one that still confounds me. It supposed to look like a model strutting her stuff down a catwalk and shimmying at the same time. How it was explained to me was that you walk in a heel toe pattern forward and as you step forward you drop your front hip without rotating your foot inward. And of course your bootie is shaking at the same time. I can lift my hip doing this move but darn I can’t drop it as I walk forward.

          If you try this make sure that you are warmed up, and flexible, and don’t have lower back problems or hip problems. Oh yeah, and take a quick pee break before you try it. Not only does the wiggling get the kidneys going but the giggling does too.



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