Sohbet – six inches of snow

The sparrows are having a party
in the poplar across the street.

Six inches of snow last night,
but this morning sun
has them singing of Spring.

3 thoughts on “Sohbet – six inches of snow

  1. Chinook’s warm breath
    sun kissed,
    a tease
    for what’s to come.
    good thing Alberta has
    expansive, brilliant clear skies
    to chase the winter blues away.


  2. -27 despite 6 inches of snow
    Zoe’s green tree circles huge
    around a ball of purple
    Amelia’s flower is red
    Her sun is smiling
    Francis soaked his paper with so much yellow
    I can’t hang it until after snack


  3. The freshness of snow
    so clean, so bright
    the sound of the shovel on the ground
    reminds me of my childhood when that sound
    what synonyme of snow
    Time to slip into a garbage bag
    and take a run at the mole hill in our backyard
    with so much snow in sight
    6 inches in my days was just the right amount
    to bring fun and laughter in the middle
    of a dreary winter day….


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