100 Day Challenge!

Well, this 100 day project has already morphed into more than I expected. It never occured to me posting daily in real time would be so different than just writing a word doc. But it is, because I not only post in real time, you all respond in real time, and ta da! we’ve got conversation and interaction going on in this project! Why that surprises me when that’s kind of the whole foundation of what I really dig about my website is beyond me, but surprised I am. And curious to see where it goes… And so tickled to suddenly not be doing this in isolation.

So I’m putting it out there – feel free to use this time, and this space to start your own 100 day project (or any variation you see fit): 100 days of meditation, a week of giving up tv, a commitment to say something nice to somebody every day – whatever you feel moved to do. magpie is  going to add her own thoughts to each of my posts, Bryan is well into his own 100 days of pohems project. So join in with whatever you’re being called to do right now, big or small.

Post your plan/commitment in the comment field below, drop in once and a while, tell us how it’s going. Or add comments to my daily posts. however you want it to work for you. But lets enjoy this opportunity to have a community of people who want to make a shift, stir things up, invoke some change – and share that process with each other.

Wahoo! (and possibly some ohshitohshitohshit)

Want to read how this particular project got started? Here’s Day 1 – momentum through sitting.

7 thoughts on “100 Day Challenge!

  1. Well, I’m committing to blogging on one of my websites daily. It’s a bigger challenge than you might guess, for several reasons. Thanks for the challenge and opportunity.
    As one friend once told me, the word for ‘crisis’ in Chinese is the combination of the characters for ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’.



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