Day 21 – now, THAT’s why I sit!

Woke up this morning thinking I had problems and I should spend some time thinking about those problems until I could find solutions to those problems.


‘cept I wasn’t falling for that. Instead I sat. I settled down with my fatigue and my vague sense of sadness and dis-ease and just sat with it. Going with that whole being at peace with not being at peace, there really was no problem. Just sit.

About halfway through my meditation I had a big release, followed by a fit of giggles, then spent the rest of my meditation back in that hummy peaceful place again.

Now, THAT’s why I sit. Something I would have been carrying around for days I let go of in about 15 minutes, when I finally sat down with it. All because I’ve built that capacity within me to let go. Kinda makes all that struggle and angst and challenge worth it, if it means being able to do that.

That willingness to just keep sitting, to accept, to be where you’re at -even at it’s most difficult and painful – and to let it all go. It’s hard as hell to convince yourself to do that, but wow, is it ever worth it!

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