Day 30 – no problem, just process

I’ve got an argumentative streak, and one I’m not very proud of. I get most annoyed at other argumentative people – arguing with whether or not they should be argumentative (mostly in my head at least, but arguing all the same). And I do that because I don’t like that part of myself.

I’ve come a long way on that front, learning to let go and to let be. Arguing has a lot to do with wanting to control things you can’t actually control, and not being willing to experience whatever has just been dumped on you to experience. So I’m much less contentious than I used to be, and most of it now is internal, arguing with myself, with my feelings, arguing with God (yeah, like I’m ever going to win THAT one!) and whatever internal drive pushes me to do the uncomfortable and risky.

I’ve mellowed a lot, softened and become a lot more willing. But every once in a while…oops. And I’ve just caught myself in that this week. I’m pushing myself into some uncomfortable places, I’m sharing that openly, people are responding to that… and I’ve been arguing against those responses.

It’s absurd. If I was getting a stream of hate mail saying awful things to me in response to what I’ve been putting up here it would be much easier to brush it off, say: Meh, you don’t get it. Whatever. but what I’m getting is positive, though I feel people are seeing things in me that aren’t really me.

No one looks for the stars when the sun is out.
A person blended into God does not disappear.
He or she is just completely soaked in God’s qualities.

So here I am, arguing about whether what people see is me, or God; and arguing about how helpless I am vs perceived helplessness. And ya know what? None of that is any of my business. I am no more in control of what people get out of this, what they perceive I am, than if everybody was spewing venom at me.

There is no problem here, just people responding as part of their own process, that’s not my business. My business is my own process and going about that in whatever manner is best for me. And part of my process is looking at how I am responding to how people are responding to me, ’cause that’s got A LOT to do with me. The rest of it doesn’t.

It’s the frustrating (and humbling) part of posting everyday. Some of it has to come from a place of whackadoodle as I dive into the stuff I’m still working on and flail about a bit. I can’t be in the grounded, lovingly-detached, centered place all the time. We all want to present ourselves to the world as people who have it together. I don’t have the luxury of that if I’m going to be posting every day.

It does however occur to me: if I can really make friends with my vulnerability, there’s a profound strength inherent in that.

It’s just going to be a humbling and awkward process getting there.

2 thoughts on “Day 30 – no problem, just process

  1. I largely agree with “Nobody ever persuaded the person they were arguing with to change their mind.” (No idea what I’m quoting but I am.) I find that believable tellings of individual experiences might change my mind, but rarely arguments. Though if anyone felt “You’re misinterpreting who I am,” then I would like them to tell me. I dislike arguing, which has made me less argumentative (out loud.)

    I definitely argue with myself. Self-awareness and articulation, rather than lack of enjoyment, has helped reduce that, but only a bit. Whenever someone I love dies, I argue with death – haven’t won any of those, either.

    It’s astounding how little control we have, yet how many in the moment choices we have.

    Keep posting. I feel like I don’t have something worth reading to say, every single day. But part of the exercise, the work, of these hundred days is posting anyway.


    1. I love your line “Its astounding how little control we have, yet how many in the moment choices we have.” That is brilliant in its simplicity. Definitely worth the reading.

      Brilliant in its simplicity is what I feel Valerie’s writing is all about. Simply sitting, simply writing = pure genius that everyone can do. Kudos for Valerie and everyone participating obviously or quietly for taking the time to share in this experience.


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