6 thoughts on “Day 31 – barefoot in the rain

  1. Not barefoot.
    Not walking.

    But running.

    Feet slapping pavement.
    Lightning. Thunder.
    Raindrops falling from eyelashes.

    Yet, still…
    Blessed stress relief.

    I’ll try to take a walk in the rain again today & come up with something better :)


  2. as you press into my skin
    your earth your air my everything
    the lines and post modern rivulets
    seeking over my surfaces
    ankles deep in the love left upon my lips


  3. rain mist kiss my lashes
    falling like tear drops
    streaming down my cheeks
    tongue slips out
    and licks
    refreshing heaven’s nectar


  4. Sipping through my toes
    I can taste the the sky hose
    The brume cackles and shivers
    As I wander among columns

    From here to over there
    My feet lick the sidewalks bare
    Carrying me along and limber
    Lights blinking, neighbors creeping

    Public places are humming
    Good friends sit while chumming
    No shoes, no service
    But my shirt says let me in


  5. Rainwater rivulet
    A cooling stream along my skin
    Counteracts the
    Of sweat in the small of my back.


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