Day 40 – grounded girl

So I went out and did sabre in the park as my meditation today. Holy, did I need that! I’ve been dragging my poor body around from errand to event, can’t remember the last time I really felt I was *in* it.

I miss the river, long walks, green trees, the slide of water. It’s as much a centering practice for me as the sitting meditation. I don’t have time for a long river walk today, but being outside in a park: green grass, dandelion heads (and mosquitoes! I sent more than a few off to try reincarnating as something else today), moving with my body, barefoot, breeze on my shoulders, I finally felt my grounded girl self. And my lungs seemed really happy, I can’t remember the last time I got doing something I was breathing hard for. Man, it felt nice, like I’d taken my lungs out for a good romp – stretched out and cobweb free.

Just sitting isn’t enough. Today was a reminder, it isn’t just what you do with your head, but what you do with your body that helps you stay grounded.

As a total aside, thanks to very awesome new mixed CD from best friend, I did my whole sabre set with this Cee-Lo song in my head over and over and over again. Kept breaking out in wide grins as I swung my sabre …probably scared my neighbors. <grin>

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