Day 42 – silent

Well, after a very busy and expansive couple of weeks, it’s time to flip. I need to be silent for a while. And thanks to Tony’s post, I’m reminded you can put silence out on a web post too. So here it is in image form:

I’m putting this up as a Sohbet as well, another chance to start a poem with an image. I may add one myself when I feel like talking again. Right now I clearly feel like being quiet and having my toes in the river.

4 thoughts on “Day 42 – silent

  1. Simple Pleasure
    sunbeams sharing warmth
    sparkling on lapping water
    toes dipping
    gentle smile on my lips
    I’m alone
    I’m alive


  2. rise ancient dirt
    with pacific subduction
    glacial rebound

    break ice dams
    floods carve banks
    a stream tickles deeper

    trackways in mud
    toes on shale
    cool wet welcome
    evolves again


    1. Wabi Sabi


      I think I’ve got it
      all figured out
      only to find
      who I am
      …evolves again


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