day 45 – funk

Funk. And I don’t mean funk in a fun James Brown kinda way. Woke up today in a funk, for no discernible reason, but there it is. And holy, was it there for meditation! Sitting still and it comes rising up: vague, really uncomfortable feelings I can’t quite get a handle on yet. Something’s brewing.

Really hard to sit with that, to just keep coming back to centre and being with it. Being willing to feel and be in that uncomfortable space. Blech. Yucky. But I did my best to stay with it.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

One thought on “day 45 – funk

  1. Shit, I just lost my comment by hitting backspace. Hmm, last time I had technical difficulties here, I just took a shower. (Which I was planning shortly anyways.)

    Happiness is worth noting. That’s mostly what I wanted to say, not a reply, but as my own observation for today.

    Thanks for indulging me.


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