Day 50 – zombie love

As the kiss deepened he felt a rising heat move through his body.

..or at least he would have if he hadn’t died a good six weeks ago, his body temperature now never rising above ambient.

But his love for this woman may just surpass his love for Braaaaaaaains!!!

*     *     *

The above was either just a cheeky development on the conversational tangent from Day 47’s post, or Day One in a 50 day serial zombie romance. Guess it depends on what tomorrow brings…

But as I’ve been reading Jane Austen (who kicks ass at dialog and has a great, if subtle wit) and missing Terry Pratchett novels, I’ve been thinking I don’t write enough comedic stuff. And I’m kinda tired of being all introspective and shit and just wanna play with my brain.

So, if this is gonna fly, I think I might crowdsource it a bit – build your own zombie love story. What would you like to see, why would a zombie fall in love? The scariest thing about zombies is they’re ZOMBIES – they have no emotion, and very bad interpersonal skills (oh, that’s a ripe idea!). Give me some fodder people, and I might just be able to give you some zombie love…

Yep, it is indeed the start of a zombie serial romance, here’s the next instalment. Read on my friends, read on…

3 thoughts on “Day 50 – zombie love

  1. Maybe you should watch the movie “Fido”, if you haven’t already yet. It will change your idea of Zombie Love. It is such a lovely piece of silliness with a retro touch.


  2. I think you’ll need to establish that there are either different levels of zombieism or that zombies, as they are mostly thought of, are “misunderstood”. Maybe they (at least some) DO have emotion, if very very bad interpersonal skills.

    What will the nature of your “Zombieism” be? Is it a holy vs. infernal undead kinda thing? Or is is biological virus science gone wrong kinda thing? Or maybe it’s something new… maybe love is enough to keep the dead coming back for more?

    Anyhoo that’s what comes to mind in the time i’ve had to think about it. I’d be happy to chat more about it. I <3 zombie and related genres :)



    1. this is all golden Mike thanks! Much to think about, I have many ponderings on the nature of zombieism and what might prompt one to fall in love. I really look forward to your input as this evolves!


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