Day 57 – a note to the reader

It may be of note to the reader, the author’s current intellectual pursuits have been fairly evenly divided between: imaginings on the domestic felicity of the undead; stratagems on the administration of her now transient hacker community; and reading of the concluding chapters of Miss Austen’s most excellent novel – Pride and Prejudice.

The mental co-mingling of these divergent subjects, and in particular the influence of the language of the latter on the thoughts of the other, have resulted in a cogitation and verbal discourse which may be regarded by her peers as no less ironic than it is absurd.

One thought on “Day 57 – a note to the reader

  1. Well said, I think!? You either sat a long time in quiet to have this particular collection of intellectual tongue in cheek flow off your fingers, or you had a creative seance and Jane Austen inhabited your brain. Whichever it was, I’m giggling and that’s a great way to start the morning.


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