Day 63 – if my soul were a puppy

If my soul were a puppy,
It would leap up and lick your face.

It’s just that excited for all that you are.

Tail wagging.

Unabashed joy.

To catch a glimpse…
To see the arrival…
of You.

3 thoughts on “Day 63 – if my soul were a puppy

  1. If my soul were a bird,
    I’d wing my way to far off places
    to either bring you a bit of home
    or to join you in far flung adventures.

    I’d sit on your shoulder
    to whisper little jokes
    in your ear
    to make you smile.

    I’d share a song
    as you hummed
    to celebrate
    life’s precious moments.

    I’d flap and flutter
    and chirp and chatter
    just to let you know
    that I’m glad
    that you are here.


  2. if my soul were
    a butterfly
    it would flit
    and flutter
    constantly beating
    rushing with the joy of you
    live fully
    brightly and suddenly
    curl itself around you
    until something new
    even more beautiful
    could emerge


  3. new five pound soul
    are you an old soul too?
    one arm diving
    out of the womb
    one fist in your mouth
    I can hear fireworks
    sleep, sleep tiny flame

    Diya Nordland July 12 2011 6:24 pm


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