Day 67 – Summer Storm

Another installment of fiction on demand, this time with lines tweeted from Shawn and Jenna.

*     *     *

What the fuck did I get myself into? It all started when it started to pour, a summer stroll turned into a summer sprint. Heading for the trees, ducking under the broad sweep of a spruce tree, needles clinging to palms and knees.

We sat there, backs against the sappy bole, wet arm against arm, knees touching, and watched the rain sheet down the tips of the branches, washing away little trenches in the duff. We sat in silence listening to our hearts pound  and watching our breath puff in the suddenly cold air. She shivered. I shifted, put my arm around her, pulled her close, sharing heat, her ribs against mine.

She snuggled into the crook of my arm. Nuzzled into my neck. Her hair smelled of spruce and sweat and …peaches – must be her shampoo; I turned my head and kissed her hair. She tipped her head up, held me with her eyes. I think I forgot to breath for a bit. Then she smiled. I palmed that dimpled cheek, kissed those smiling lips.

We kissed there under that spruce while the rain streamed down, everything else silent except the pound of the rain, the noise of our lips moving together and apart. Breath steaming around our heads. We kissed as the rain slowed to a trickle, then nothing but the drip off the trees. The sun broke through, everything sparkled.

We crawled out from under our shadowed lean-to, blinking in the light. Continued our walk, fingers entwining, moving through some silent language of their own.

What the fuck did I get myself into? I wasn’t looking for this, not right now. But the feel of her fingers, the memory of her lips, this world glistening, it feels pretty right to me.

*     *     *

My first thought was to take this down the Very Bad Day route, but decide you guys deserved a love story after all the grief I’ve put you through the last 66 days.

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