2 thoughts on “Day 74 – too hot to sleep

  1. Too hot, too humid
    Feel like a dish rag
    limp and damp
    dragging around a plate
    trying to get it clean
    but just pushing
    the greasy layer around

    Note: This summer has been crazy. Although it’s nowhere near as bad as Ontario, nowhere near as blazing and wet as Hong Kong, it leaves me feeling that familiar discomfort of not being able to feel cool and dry. I don’t remember the ground being so saturated that the water actually pools on the surface of the ground in places.

    Saturation – that sounds like what you are feeling in your day 73 piece. and by the way, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of your writing even though you say you are knackered and beyond.

    Have a good rest for your soul, and enjoy those river walks.


    1. Thanks Donna!

      Saturation – that’s a great theme all around. I’ve been reading my first 100 days project, I think I had more energy then, I think I was doing less. The path to true happiness lies in lower expectations. I think I need to aim for that again. Oversaturated.

      Perhaps the writing is going as well as it is because I’m too tired to resist what comes out…

      And I LOVE your poem, even if it makes me gag. SO gross, so well said!


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