Day 78 – random acts of love

I’ve been carrying sidewalk chalk around with me since the 10,000 views party where I had people go out and write random love notes on the sidewalk. Walking around after the party reading those notes made me very happy.

Despite my best intentions I hadn’t written another sidewalk chalk love note since. I was always too busy, trying to catch a bus, make a meeting when I was out on the street.

Until today. Crashing health-wise has really slowed me down. Small blessings. Today I had some time in a park with nothing else to do, so I got out that chalk. Wrote little notes like:

Hi Beautiful

you are loved


Anything I could think of that would have sparked me up, made me smile as I was plowing through my life eyes down, head in my problems. I can’t believe how happy it made me, just leaving a trail of joy on the sidewalk.

I’d like to start a sidewalk chalk revolution, not just for hopscotch and rainbows anymore, but laying down random acts of love. Paying it forward, putting joy under people’s feet.

How cool would that be? Who’s in?


3 thoughts on “Day 78 – random acts of love

  1. What a way to spread the love around! I’m in – tomorrow I go to the dollar store to buy some chalk. Let’s cover the world in sidewalk love poetry.


  2. I like it too! I need me some chalk!…. or perhaps random signs posted on random bulletin boards in the corridors….. hmm.


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