Day 81 – nom nom nom…

So my day today started when my brain woke up at 8 am. This was quite a shocker as I’ve been sleeping 12 hr nights and 8 am is about 4 hrs ahead of that. So I managed to squeeze a bit of time editing content for Protospace before I loaded up with a car full of geeks to drive to Gull Lake to check out a house made out of SeaCans – you totally need to check this out, it is absolutely incredible. Mind blowing novel design – they’re still building, which is great ’cause we got to check out all the logistics they’re dealing with.

This road trip also meant I got to sit in a car and talk geek for 6 hrs – everything from rally cars, to analog circuits, to programing, to machine tools, and yeah, a few lasers. Nom nom nom… My brain wants it all (okay maybe not the rally car driving so much, but still very cool).

THEN I got to head to a BBQ with some of the Endeavor Arts crowd and talk geek and art and social media and molecular gastronomy. Nom nom nom… my brain wants it all! After mentally digesting for nearly 2 weeks I was ready for a bellyful again (can you have a bellyful in your brain? — I’ve been up for 16 hrs straight, I’m allowed to mix metaphors after midnight!). Nom nom nom… so yummy!

I am VERY tired, and very full, and very happy.

And yes mother, I know this is exactly the behavior that dropped me into a 2 week crash. I promise to pace myself this time, and to spend all day tomorrow in my underpants to compensate.

And yes mother, I just said underpants on the internet. Oh cheer up, it’s better than this.



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