Day 85 – the cool thing about breaking something…

So one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from hanging out with hackers so far (aside from: “Don’t put the lead in your mouth.“) is:

When you break something you get to put it back together in new ways.

I broke me – into a thousand sparkling pieces. I now get to put my life back together in cool new ways. That’s a pretty exciting prospect.


2 thoughts on “Day 85 – the cool thing about breaking something…

  1. Remember, two years ago when we went on that studio walk? There were some amazing sculptures made from broken pieces of antique china and tea cups. They were so glorious and beautiful. It must have been such fun to smash those saucers and cups and then reassemble them into towering peaks of quirky beauty.

    Have fun putting yourself back together!


  2. Humpty Dumpty sat on a …

    Except I’m sure you will put life back together. Selves are like that, life is like that. Creative processes.

    We should also all meet up and see Winnie the Pooh. Valerie and all her readers. I’d rather see that than Harry. I usually like the beginnings of books better than the endings. I like the first books of series better than the ending (with exceptions.) Starting out when everything is possible. To go beyond my imaginings and any imaginings I’ve imbibed from other great books. Some stories still haven’t been told.

    Perhaps we could all meet up to sculpt with broken plates, too.


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