Day 86 – doing nothing is something too

So I’ve been to all my hippie healers, gotten all the recommended supplements, been guided on what to eat and what not to eat (not that I didn’t already know, I’d just be brushing it off in my business). As I’m fond of saying these days:

Me be NOT stupid now!*

I’ve done all I can, so now, I do… nothing. I rest. It’s an exercise in patience, and boredom negation, but mostly a passive act of love towards myself (and an active love towards my robot vacuum!)

I can remember when I first got started in alternative medicine, I’d go in for treatments and my acupuncturist would keep telling me my kidney yin was low. One day I asked: How do I get this kidney yin? I wanted to know what herb to take, what foods to eat. She chuckled and patted my hand: You rest. The best thing you can do is nothing.

Doing nothing is something too.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself, if you give it what it needs, and give it time. We’re always in a hurry, we’re always doing something. With cell phones IMs texting tweeting emailing portable apps our brains are always on, always stimulated. Burnout and adrenal exhaustion is the epidemic of our time.

Somebody was telling me the other day, they’ve developed a drug for that sick feeling you get when you haven’t had enough sleep. You know what else makes that sick feeling go away? Sleeping!


As I’m spending the bulk of my awake time blinking slowly and staring at trees (I’m just starting to feel well enough to tolerate some input) I’m telling you, brains were not built to be on input ALL the time. Think about it, even computers: you can’t just download, you need to take the time to install and reboot. We need that too.

We can’t be on all the time. Stop trying. Turn it all off, take a break, be quiet and do nothing for a while. It’s productive in a different way. You’ll feel more grounded, clearer, more productive in what you do do if you just stop for a while. Doing nothing is something too.

If I had the energy I’d get up on a roof top and shout:

Don’t just do something – STAND THERE!

[end of rant]

*Brain be broken, the words be coming funny in the speaking sometimes, yahyah.
[between that at the… halting as I… try to… recapture… a thought it’s like Jar-Jar Binks and Captain Kirk had a baby and left it in my head]

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