Day 92 – Sunday afternoon

rough day
just wanted to sit outside
drinking coffee and blinking slowly

outside, two separate parties
within 50 meters of my back door
loud, boisterous

you’d think the collective unconscious
of all the hangovers in this ‘hood
would somehow have the power
to ward off such noise
on a Sunday afternoon

alas, not

so I take my coffee cup
and my fuzzy socks
and head off in search of
silent sanctuary
unconcerned by the half glances
of the people I pass by

I find a field
devoid of footballs, frisbees,
little league games

wide open and still

I sit under the dappling shade
of towering poplars
spring-bud sap still in the grass
air balmy with its scent

I fall in love
with the bright green bug
wandering my finger tips

until it leaps up
gone in the breeze

3 thoughts on “Day 92 – Sunday afternoon

  1. Falling in love
    with a green bug
    wandering my finger tips

    I love this image! It’s like the spider I let live in the mirror on my car. He spins his web and I leave it until it obscures my view. One time I parked in the supermarket parking lot and a van pulled up beside me. When the kids form the van came out and approached near the mirror the girls screamed bloody murder. They were scared of the spider who wasn’t even in sight.

    I on the other hand have fallen in love with his handiwork.


  2. Spring lasts all summer
    Worms on wet pavement
    Many umbrellas forgotten
    Mud swollen river
    Lawns newly greened
    Fledgeling pleas sharp as mating songs
    Before dawn


  3. Amber with a tint of red
    Slender and yet curvacious
    Bubbly at times
    Too much sometimes
    Goes to my head
    But O so delicious
    What is better Man
    than a tall Sleeman….

    And this is why I’m not in advertising….. ;o)


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