Valerie’s guide to making out

I bet you all were afraid I wouldn’t post any more after I quit the 100 days thing. Well you’re wrong.

I bet you all have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my brain in all this quiet and solitude…

Well, I’ve come up with a flow chart to help you decide when to, well… you know…

8 thoughts on “Valerie’s guide to making out

    1. Hey Jane, just the way you said “Oh my…” made me laugh out loud. Have you been reading too many Jane Austen novels?! If you think about it, is there any subject that Valerie can’t find some way of expressing with humour, intelligence, with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek – no surprise there.


  1. Bravo, more current, witty, think-outstide-the-box, relevant humour. It deserves some kind of award. It looks like some of the art I saw this past weekend at the Conceptual art exhibit at the AGA. Actually it’s better than most of what I saw.


  2. A good tickle and fun to play with. Being a Sligtly Older Guy, (polite for Ancient), I’m recommending a re-entry path from Hot Monkey to “Do you think he’s the ONE?” Give me another shot at Transendental in preparation for that ultimate surrender of consciiousness.


  3. Marv and I have been talking about this flow chart and noticed that many of the paths dead end at Hot Monkey Love. It’s sort of a purgatory of relationships and dating. Is there any escape for HML? Or is this where most of us will end up? ;o)


    1. I wouldn’t say dead end so much as culminate at Hot Monkey Love. Don’t dis the monkey! It’s a fine place to end up.

      If you want to be critical, there’s also a loop at Heavy Petting, which would eventually cause chafing…


  4. Ooooee! My flowchart looks a little different. For better and for worse, for more and for less, there’s also some blank boxies for the Great Unknowns…

    But hopefully I will get married someday too. Unless we decide that marriage is a patriarchal concept that hasn’t sufficiently broken from its historical roots. (Uh, no offense. Some of my best friends are married. It even suits some of them.)

    cool palm frond love to you, V


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