Sohbet – Seuss Slam!

Weird and exciting news. Accompanied by Bryan McLean on guitar I’m going to be reading Dr Seuss books at the People’s Poetry Festival this weekend.

Seuss Slam
Saturday August 20
In front of the Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Rd. NW
2:00pm – 3:00pm

It’s going to be Very Silly and have some audience participation elements – so if you can come out and help show people how to be silly (sadly we often forget!) I’d really appreciate the support! Plus this is my first poetry reading ever – so would be great to see some familiar faces in the crowd.

Now to get things started (the Seussing and the Silly-ing) a Seuss styled silly poem (please add your own!):

Michael Mass was flatulent
His bum said things he hadn’t meant.
And once from school he had been sent
’cause a blast so fast
his pants
had rent.

Michael Mass was full of gas,
this often made him glum.
But to his friends, his gas: a blast,
and thought him lots of fun!

The lesson here, my little dears,
(if you’ll listen close with both your ears)
those things about you you most detest,
may be the thing folks like the best.

So take the lead from gassy Mike
your least liking likers…
learn also to like.

2 thoughts on “Sohbet – Seuss Slam!

  1. That’s a tough one to top up Sista!…. Here we go……

    Zoe on the couch looking sillily at the birds across the tree
    Why O why do you perch yourselves so high on this natural structure
    I’m as high as can be here looking at you in glee
    But must say I’m intrigued, and picture myself up there in the near future
    Don’t be silly replies MoeMoe. Trees are not place for us
    and are far less comfortable than this blanket on the couch
    But intrigued she was and dashed through the door in front of us
    The birds were singing, the sky was blue, the sun would be warmer
    on that tall branch way up there and so much higher
    than MoeMoe could go with his big pouch
    So up she went, higher and higher not looking down one bit
    then realized how distant Mommy’s voice was all of a sudden
    And that is when she stopped and decided to sit
    Calling Mommy to rescue her and wondering why she was so driven
    Moe was right. The blanket was more comfy.
    and Now Mommy had to climb a tree
    for the highest tree in the street
    in no place for a pussy cat like me…….


  2. So, my dear brave literati. How was the Seuss slam? Sufficiently silly?

    My 25 month old niece has grasped the essence of fart jokes. She can make her own, now. Isn’t that highly sophisticated? Not to mention a lifelong skill.



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