Don’t Let Ignorance Stop You

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hanging out with Protospace geeks it’s:

Don’t let ignorance stop you from trying to do something cool.

So I’m not.

My website is goofy looking. A 2 year compounding combination of: hitting the limit of what I can do with button pushing, adding new features without really looking at the whole, and the 15 times I try and find a hexadecimal colour (and eventually give up) that doesn’t clash with the that frickin green title bar there is not button to push to change the frickin colour of without learning CSS and building a child theme.

Well enough! I’m right brained enough to care about the visuals as well as the content and I’m not going to let the fact I don’t actually know CSS or web design, or heck even colour theory, stop me from diving in and fixing this Frankenstein site.

Now, I could do a trial run offline and then put it up with a grand unveiling when I’ve got it all purdy, but I thought it might be more amusing for you all to follow along with the tweaks and changes (and downright missteps). Watching it evolve, and watching my web dev superskills come to life (or at least limp along).

Feel free to cheer me on and comment on my progress, or mock it as need may be. I’m aiming to add some new plugins etc as well, so if there’s some features you’d like to see, let me know (not that I can necessarily do it, but I’ll think about it a good long while before I give up).

Wish me luck! I’m not going to let ignorance stop me from taking on something cool. The guys at Protospace taught me that.

…that and:

Don’t put the lead in your mouth.

Apparently putting the solder between your teeth while you need an extra hand free is a no-no.

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