Sohbet – Corner Storefront

the shadow of the highrise
slides northward
the sun has not yet
reached the diner

But it warms the storefront
on the corner
where two shopclerks
sit in blue aprons
leaning on ledges
and crates
sharing cigarettes
and stories

it could be 1952

until a woman walks by
shouldering a laptop bag

cigarettes dismissed
they follow
back inside

13 thoughts on “Sohbet – Corner Storefront

    1. Ha Ha Yes! Some of the best people watching in the city on that corner, it’s like out of another time.

      Love your poem below BTW

      “everyone comes from someone I
      come from city people all”

      Great line!


  1. well I’m a city kid
    Mor doesn’t have a religion
    she just goes outside but

    my mom’s a city grrl

    Mormor was a city gal proud
    to grow up on Straandvej
    perfect red nails clutching hands
    as she coached her barnebarn’s birth
    Mor’s Farmor had a kitchen garden
    on an island she biked across
    Esther my country oleMor
    died when I was three

    Baba was a city boy
    go to the river that’s
    religion, go to the mother
    yes darling, even Bow River bengal
    engineering college on the far
    shore of the Hoogly so
    he moved into res

    Baba’s Ma’s Baba
    citified himself
    dhoti so dirty village
    schoolboy dhoti so black
    that Teachersir ridiculed “just
    write with the corner of the cloth”
    never again never forgotton great
    granddaughter remembers with noone left
    alive to tell it in fathers

    everyone comes from somewhere I come
    from 1500 square feet in an upper
    middle class suburb near the

    this Firstworld city
    everyone comes from someone I
    come from city people all

    copyright me


    1. Hey jyanti,
      for some reason your poem sings like a rap in my head. I agree with vlrny that your line “everyone comes from someone” if beautiful genius.


    1. Yes, great poem. Hmm, interesting idea. I don’t think I’d put “It could be 1952” as the first line, but maybe after the first stanza? But that would take some reworking… I think separating it from the laptop bag would increase the impacts of both.
      Yay poems!


  2. summer road trip
    with my teen daughter
    sun blazing,
    music blaring
    wind breezing through our hair
    if I had long locks
    our split ends
    would intertwine

    usually quiet sullen teen
    today chatty as Cathy
    asking mom for
    words of wisdom
    the asking, not the wisdom
    as we compare notes
    on likes and loves
    and relating and dating

    this afternoon ride
    a bliss
    a treasure
    a sign
    that motherhood
    is all that it’s cracked up to be


  3. no army confiscated these
    my country

    the old buoy shrivelled small and faded beside
    the new smaller
    than the black
    eyed centre of this swollen poison pink
    plastic berry does it redirect

    the geese
    walk alone
    my neigborhood
    glance with you is look
    twice not
    raft built over shoals

    you’re right
    float flagging one hazard
    table huge


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