Busy v Happy – a graph

I always think I’ll write when I’m on holidays, but don’t. I’m discovering vacation is just a different kind of busy and am finally learning to give up on all prospects of being productive.

Upon returning, I somehow got it into my head I MUST DO ALL THE THINGS I had not done in the last six months. It only took me about five days to realize how utterly stupid this was. Unfortunately it’ll take me a few weeks yet to wrap up ALL THE THINGS I ALREADY COMMITTED TO in my period of folly.

End result: there hasn’t been much but virtual tumbleweeds drifting through this website in a coon’s age. Too busy to really write (though many ideas rolling in my head), I should at least try and justify my neglect a tad bit.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words (and otherwise this post is only worth 150) so here ya go!

graph of Busy v Happy
Click on image for enlarged view, and here’s your link to stress vs profanity

5 thoughts on “Busy v Happy – a graph

  1. I’ve been at the “Stress v. Profanity” graph point a few times lately, including this morning… At least I have puppies to blame for it!

    I survive on hope that life will eventually return to normal, although in bleaker moments I have my doubts!

    Cheer up, it can only get worse.



  2. I like how your graph isn’t a bell curve that can be adjusted side to side. I like how it is a gentle curve upwards and note how realistically it crashes downward as you crash. But what is really telling to me is how you needed, for whatever reason, to correct the word “HAPPY” in the title.

    Good thing your busy/happy pattern is actually a wave pattern and now there is only room to go up again. Maybe the longer you prolong that upward gentle slope affects the rate of crash?!

    Sending you good vibes. Try surrounding yourself with positive happy people. Science has proven that musicians that play together especially duets synchronize brain waves. Maybe that happens if we surround ourselves with happy people.


    1. I have been depressed and pleasantly synchronized with other depressed people. Only a handful of times, though.


  3. Yay! Maybe i should make a graph. I especially like bits like “lots of long walks.” Hmm, do I need a 3D graph?


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