Sohbet – hot shot: humiliation

A hot shot writers prompt this weekend (one word cues a 5 minute writing sprint) got me writing the first poem I’ve concocted in nearly a year – yes ten tragic poetically void months.

So here it is, comments by other writers on the same prompt pending, and hopefully your poetic responses too. Let’s spark up this sleeping sohbet!


I cocked it up again
The words spilled out

Not the right time
Not the right place
Not the right thoughts

Flushed with shame
I tuck my exposed self
Back under my skin


5 thoughts on “Sohbet – hot shot: humiliation

  1. after a day of exposure
    vulnerable to the glare of others
    exhausted by the constant
    changes of masks and costumes
    trying to stay true
    and not be pulled into
    being someone else’s vision
    I’m resting in my own skin
    finding home


  2. Elementary lunchrooms

    I wrestle with the nourishment between my palms:
    fried dried fish
    boiled duck embryo
    entrails, anything fermented
    all foreign in taste as in name
    that rolls off my tongue; syllables of old home.
    But my new one only sees and smells
    leaving alien biohazards to eat their sandwiches alone.


  3. .humiliation.too.

    is letting go
    as easy as
    turning out your pockets
    lint like life
    spilling out
    catching on a wind
    that carries away
    our misgiving, misshapen-ed, mistakes
    so our skin is free from
    blushing moments,
    impromptu as our innuendos


  4. Humiliation

    Playing chess with people’s emotions
    you are good at what I am not
    wish I could
    match you like
    our every thumb war I resist
    letting you beat me
    in the end enjoying the submission
    of you insulting my efforts to improve
    most tender
    my ugly
    head of rage to wash me clean
    our tides leave me striped
    bare – exposed
    radiating only
    where I most need to grow

    Copyright Adrienne Adams January 26th 2014


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