100 days of …creativity

…’cause yeah, I don’t have enough going on. But this will be good for me. I’m a big fan of 100 day projects, mostly from some half-remembered science that shows that is how long it takes to re-map your neurons, to really make a change stick.

When I started a 100 day project online a few years ago, I got lots of engagement, not just people excited about what I was doing, but inspired to take on a 100 day challenge of their own. Bryan McLean was one of those, and because he’s more bad-ass than I am, he has been doing 100 day projects every spring ever since. He’s spooling up to do another one here shortly, and chatting with him about it reminded me it was maybe time for one myself. And maybe you’d like to join in too…

This is what happens when I listen to Miles Davis and suffer incinerated natcho smoke inhalation
This is what happens when I listen to Miles Davis and suffer incinerated natcho smoke inhalation

I’m not going to blog daily this time, ’cause that nearly killed me last round, but I am feeling the need to be more playful and creative in my life. It’s hard sometimes, working mostly with words, to not get too frontal lobey about it all. So I am taking on 100 days of creativity to kept my mind limber and joyfully tumbling with a good measure of silly. So my 100 days will be full of doodling, underpants dancing, tweeting wee #ourmicro poems, maybe even shaking the dust off my panderio. Of course actual content writing will count too!

I’m hoping the writing loosens up a bit because of 100 days of re-training my brain to be more goofy, to come at things sideways, to not take it or myself too seriously. I’m into day five already–see! already chillaxin on the blog post part of things; I was more keen on playing than writing about my intention to play! So far I’ve done a couple of doodles with pencil crayons, sang along full-on to Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees (anything sung in your underpants counts as play I figure), and sewn googly eyes on my door-draft stop.

Anyway, join the fun! Whatever you want to do for a 100 days: meditation, fresh air, hugs, inventing new swear words… whatever brings you joy and enriches your life. Comment below on what you’re up to, and drop in for status reports as you go along. Also follow #100daysof on twitter and post your updates on there.

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