Sohbet – not wearing green

In honour of St Patrick’s Day, my #100daysof contribution for today is a limerick:

I’m not wearing green, don’t lynch me.
Comprehending my motive’s a cinch see:
Forgetful I’m not.
It just would be hot.
If someone would reach out and pinch me.

Ok, you drunk/green/poetic/silly people! LET’S HEAR YOURS!

4 thoughts on “Sohbet – not wearing green

  1. There was a man named O’Brien
    Who was quite known for his Liein’
    So you know in a Cinch,
    This man needs a pinch,
    when he says the green was forgotten while Sighin.


  2. No green in my closet to clad
    no emerald rag to be had
    not a stitch of clover
    not even for Rover
    managed to avoid the pinch, how sad!


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