Sohbet – Pocket Full of Troubles

I’ve got pockets full of troubles
don’t offer me a fiver
I can’t make change

I’d pay more than a penny for
new thoughts
new stories
different endings

tearing holes in my pockets
pour out my sorrows
ending up
with rocks in my shoes

5 thoughts on “Sohbet – Pocket Full of Troubles

  1. Ok gang, you know the drill. Add your own poetic reply leaping off from theme or phrase or whatever. If you don’t know the drill you can read more at Sohbet.

    I’ve updated my Right Now page as a brief mention of the “troubles” and explanation of where the hell I’ve been the last two years, but the short answer is: I can’t even…

    Looking forward to hearing your poetic replies and getting some conversation going on here again, whatever troubles you may or may not be having these days.


  2. I love that you’re blogging again!
    I would love to add a line, but what little is left of my brain is writing a semi-distopian work of fiction. Because I’m crazy.
    Keep going :) (Also, this is beautiful)


  3. rocks in my shoes
    holes in my pockets
    dust arising behind me
    what a journey
    uphill, downhill
    cast my eyes to see what before me
    take a breathe
    down to my toes
    pick a place on the horizon
    but don’t forget to smell the roses


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