Gofundme, seriously, go fund my home, prettyplease

Update May 2019

This failed completely. Mostly because I was way too ill to bootstrap an org to provide care for myself and others when I was already in crisis. A friend coined the phrase jumping off a cliff and trying to build a plane on the way down. It obviously didn’t work. But not for lack of excellent concept.

I still think there is great potential in collaborative living arrangements, in our case for burnout and chronic illness, but also feasible for seniors, young adults, families, anyone who doesn’t want to tackle life on their own. Even simple home ownership is tough to access these days. We need to stick together.

So please check out the Valerie’s Home site for as long as it is active, to see what it stirs in you. And drop me a line if you are thinking of your own project. I have learned a lot by what didn’t work, and what could, so would be happy to provide what mentorship I can.

Hey folks! I have started a gofundme page to cover the care costs of my current resident while I head out east for some desperately needed R&R with family and friends, as well as bank some savings to buy me some time to get this operation self sustaining. On my return, I will hopeful be recharged and hitting the ground running to get a healthy business up and running -or at least walking with purpose- before my financial world crashes entirely.

My current burn rate has me losing my home by September of this year. Your donations, and donations of friends, will give me some breathing room to make this happen. And knowing that money is there will allow me to relax and not fret while I am away for my recovery.

If you value the kind of home I have built here, want to see it succeed, want to see me thriving with the care and support I need as well as using those skills and resources to help others, please consider even a small donation. And please share this link as well valerieshome.org The final form of this enterprise is not yet fully gelled, but this website still gives a good overview of what we are trying to do and why. And what we need to make it happen.

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