In the absence of frequent posting, I have hacked together a sort of random post generator in the footer so you can spin up some old yet excellent content.

I have tested it out with: fuck; pie; brokenhearted; barf; and sex. Interestingly the only one that came up blank was brokenhearted.

Also interesting, fuck pie brokenhearted barf sex is the start of a very intriguing piece of microfiction…

Anyway, dive in for some soul-spelunking and enjoy the waters. They be deep and strange.

And be sure to subscribe so you can catch the fresh springs when they bubble up.

A screenshot of the search field in the footer with the text: Type a keyword into the search field. See if it comes up with just the post you need to read. …or not. Sometimes Life gives us bupkis to encourage patience and the ability to just be present, even in the shit.

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