In the absence of frequent posting, I have hacked together a sort of random post generator in the footer so you can spin up some old yet excellent content. I have tested it out with: fuck; pie; brokenhearted; barf; and sex. Interestingly the only one that came up blank was brokenhearted. Also interesting, fuck pie … More Soul-Spelunking

Valerie’s Home

I’ve had an unexpected change in my living situation and stability. I am adressing it by building a non-profit to manage my care and my home as well as create a space for others to recover and heal. All my brain juice is going towards that right now. When that is rolling smoothly and I … More Valerie’s Home

Gone Fiction-ing

I’ve had me a girl-interrupted turn these last few months. When your life comes to a full stop for a considerable period of time it’s hard to pick up the threads of the life you had before, as they seem to have drifted off in the wind somewhere. This is both liberating and disorientating. We … More Gone Fiction-ing