Sohbet – Seuss Slam!

Weird and exciting news. Accompanied by Bryan McLean on guitar I’m going to be reading Dr Seuss books at the People’s Poetry Festival this weekend. Seuss Slam Saturday August 20 In front of the Plaza Theatre 1133 Kensington Rd. NW 2:00pm – 3:00pm It’s going to be Very Silly and have some audience participation elements … More Sohbet – Seuss Slam!


For those of you in on the pool of when this day would come, count it as day 54. My health has gone to total shit (as it often does this time of year) and the meds I need to take to manage that leave me pretty addle-brained.

10,000 Views PARTY!!!

So if you haven’t read in today’s post, just before midnight last night in a very exciting twitter-fest I broke not only 10,000 views, but my busiest day ever! Possibly thanks in part to my (finally!) non-angsty Scott Pilgrim post on mindfulness, stupidity, and forgiveness. Pretty exciting day all around. Right, so point being, as … More 10,000 Views PARTY!!!

Day 14 – ones and zeros

Wow. Well yesterday was a big deal. Broke 10,000 views on my website last night. Still trying to settle after all that excitement. Not only is 10,000 just a big number (it’s frickin’ HUGE!!!) but it’s special too. In Chinese culture 10,000 is a myriad, and has connotations of infinite and powerful.