10,000 Views PARTY!!!

So if you haven’t read in today’s post, just before midnight last night in a very exciting twitter-fest I broke not only 10,000 views, but my busiest day ever! Possibly thanks in part to my (finally!) non-angsty Scott Pilgrim post on mindfulness, stupidity, and forgiveness. Pretty exciting day all around. Right, so point being, as … More 10,000 Views PARTY!!!

Day 14 – ones and zeros

Wow. Well yesterday was a big deal. Broke 10,000 views on my website last night. Still trying to settle after all that excitement. Not only is 10,000 just a big number (it’s frickin’ HUGE!!!) but it’s special too. In Chinese culture 10,000 is a myriad, and has connotations of infinite and powerful.

An Unexpected Romance

So, this guy I’m following on twitter started a site for “micro-tales of ash-cloud intrigue, romance, adventure, and/or ennui.” (an impromtu site arising from the Icelandic volcano disaster). Really neat idea! Very interesting to see the variety of things people come up with – and a great (volcanic?) fire under my butt to try and … More An Unexpected Romance

now hip with the twits

Lookie me! got myself a twitter account! A place to write down all those things that make me say: “Oh, I should write that down.” A less substantial, but more frequent, augment to this web site. Something for quick little ‘isms between posts. Yep, I’m now hip with the twits…er, tweets. Maybe someday I’ll even … More now hip with the twits