When the Strong Break

I don’t think people realize chronic illnesses can kill just as readily as the terminal ones. Their quality of life just gets so bad they suicide. So, yeah, I nearly died this past year (pro tip: “When you are going through hell, keep going.” ~ Churchill). The biggest tragedy is when strong, emotionally competent people … More When the Strong Break

Standing Strong

There were a pair of spruce trees in my neigbourhood, grew up side by side, entwined. The wind storm last fall took one down, and the remaining one, having spent decades growing in a shared space, stands now with an implied emptiness of the tree fallen. A space made up of places where branches used … More Standing Strong

Day 53 – useless

No zombie love installment tonight. Something else needed to come out: *     *     * He’s dying. Not imminently, but he’s at the end of his days. “I’m worn out.” he says often these days; especially after folding back into bed after the 20 minute shuffle just to get to the bathroom and back. He sleeps … More Day 53 – useless