Waking up to Winter

It’s funny how much a snowfall can change everything. All Fall I’ve been slowly grieving the end of summer. As the days got shorter, the nights cooler, the landscape shifting into sepias, you could almost hear the wailing nooooo! coming from deep inside me. So you’d think when I woke up to snow this morning … More Waking up to Winter

Day 36 – night sitting

Wow. I have a post-it note with the words: The sacredness of experience in the midst of ordinary life, up beside my computer. It’s been there so long I can’t even remember what book that sentence came from. But it sure came to mind tonight.

Day 20 – peaceful easy feeling

Today’s post has a soundtrack, so go ahead and click here to get the Eagles going so you can listen in the background as you read… Ironically, after writing yesterday’s post considering the need to be at peace with what isn’t at peace, I’ve been feeling more peaceful than I have in weeks.