ToV 2 – no judging!

There’s lots of really juicy stuff in this chapter, but I’m gonna go with the first few lines on this one. Keep it simple – for starters, we’ve got 79 more chapters to embrace the paradoxical weirdness of Taoism. When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things … More ToV 2 – no judging!

Waking up to Winter

It’s funny how much a snowfall can change everything. All Fall I’ve been slowly grieving the end of summer. As the days got shorter, the nights cooler, the landscape shifting into sepias, you could almost hear the wailing nooooo! coming from deep inside me. So you’d think when I woke up to snow this morning … More Waking up to Winter

Adapt or Die

I broke my brain a few weeks ago, a remarkably frightening experience. Now, I’ve had cognitive burnout before, it’s pulled me out of school on many occasions: an inability to study or take the ideas in my head and find words for them. This was nothing like that. My brain suddenly seemed incapable of any … More Adapt or Die