Musings in Corduroy Pants

I miss that zip-zip sound corduroy pants used to make when I was a kid. Cords seem to have lost something from the ribbed pants of my stripey-shirted, yes-avacado-is-a-colour-and-it-goes-great-with-pumpkin, 70’s childhood. So, I’ve been wondering as I walk around, my pants more of a stuttered whisper than that zip-zip I used to love, what’s changed?

Day 91 – it’s hard to plug into life at half speed

Sometimes it’s easier to be really sick. Really sick means you don’t do anything outside of your immediate needs (Is there food in the house? Am I developing that old man smell?). Great training for being in the moment out of utter necessity. All the rest of that stuff is beyond bothering with. Having got … More Day 91 – it’s hard to plug into life at half speed

Day 66 – Wolf Pack

Stray dog, nosing around all sorts of back alleys and empty lots. Searching. Sniffing out any patch of wilderness she can find. Searching. Looking to play. Looking to run wild. Bigger horizons than these grey buildings allow.