Poetry as a Metric

One of the sticks I use to measure just how excellent I am being to myself is how often I compose in my head (and jot down!) little bits of poetry. Getting it together to actually post here as a Sohbet is A+ gold-star life management. What poetry actually measures for me is life-saturation of … More Poetry as a Metric

Day 36 – night sitting

Wow. I have a post-it note with the words: The sacredness of experience in the midst of ordinary life, up beside my computer. It’s been there so long I can’t even remember what book that sentence came from. But it sure came to mind tonight.

Day 8 – Shhhhh…

Well, I certainly would have written a very different post half an hour ago. One on hope, risk, reason, fear, yadda yadda. A thousand thoughts roiling in my head. Not now. Now I remember why I sit: